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Therefore, people have to figure out some measures to overcome these problems. With the dramatic increase in the elderly population in the near future, there will be some problems accompanied by. First of all, too much old people lead to an unbalanced workforce ratio. As a result, there are fewer people can work for companies so it may cause to an economic recession.

Furthermore, more elderly people imply it will be a tougher time for young people to raise them. For example, it is predicted that more and more elderly people will be involved in the health care system, which will be a huge financial burden. In spite of these serious problems, the governments could introduce some policies to work it out. Look into the work problems, foreign worker could be imported to fill possible vacancies or the governments could encourage people to produce more babies to add more young workers. Perhaps, the working age could be extended to make old people keep working.


Therefore, the societies can work as normal. As for the medical problem, the governments should build up a fair health system to ensure the system will not work in deficit and also help people a lot. Moreover, the experts also should be encouraged to strengthen medical knowledge to help people keep away from diseases. All in all, despite the fact that there are many upcoming problems caused by the aging population, if we can introduce some right measures to deal with them, everything will be hunky-dory. Posted by: Andy Sunday, February 03, at You did write a very good essay.

And also you used a wide range of lexical vocab. The majority of sentences are error-free and accuracy is seen in your sentences, and also logically you organised information and ideas;.

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However, there are things I'd like to point out. How long did it take you to write this essay? And increase your readability. Do not overuse of cohesive devices, and it would be better they not come consecutively. All in all, this is a very good essay, and you can make very error-free sentences. Thanks for sharing this. Posted by: Salamat Sunday, February 03, at Posted by: princess K Monday, February 04, at Increase of average life expectancy is now obvious in developed countries.

Posted by: doomie Tuesday, February 05, at Sarah, It seems to me that you must be a native english speaker?! I enjoyed your essay very much and I hope I could be able to write such a one! Posted by: Eli Tuesday, February 05, at Hi all, Please review my essay regarding ageing populations below. Hope that I will receive your invaluable feedbacks and also help some others.

Topic In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. Answer: In recent years, the average life expectancy in the developed countries is increasing because of the technological advances as well as the advent of high-quality healthcare services. Some people may argue that this would result in various issues for individuals and communities; therefore, some precaution measures should be applied to alleviate the adverse influences of ageing populations.

In this essay, I will discuss some negative aspects of the increased average life expectancy and propose some measures mitigating its impacts on our society. However, an ageing population would probably put an immense burden on our society. Obviously, a part of the younger age group would have to work hard to accommodate the needs of the whole society and offset the lack of workforce. A country, which has an ageing population, would certainly face a lot of difficulties in the labor-intensive fields, such as ship building industry, mineral exploration and car manufacture. An ageing population would also require a vast amount of the workforce participating in nursing homes; in turn, this would compound the imbalanced labor distribution over productive and unproductive activities.

In my opinion, some measures should be taken to mitigate the impacts of ageing populations.

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Firstly, governments should apply some social policies to increase birth rates. Obviously, high birth rates would gradually make up for the lack of workforce; nonetheless, high birth rates would expose our society to other serious issues. In fact, it is very likely that overpopulation would put an intense strain on transport infrastructure as well as aggravate the food crisis around the globe.

In addition to increasing birth rates, governments must invest more money in scientific research and applications of the cutting-edge technologies in taking care of the elderly. Actually, this could be one of the most efficient methods to shift a huge amount of the workforce towards productive activities. In conclusion, besides efforts in order to improve the quality of life and increase average life expectancy, governments must also keep seeking for solutions to problems resulted by ageing populations, and make sure that old people are in good care.

Posted by: bkstar Wednesday, February 06, at Posted by: Serg Tuesday, February 12, at Hi every body. In your opinion, how can the government help reduce the number of car accidents? Use specific reasons to support your opinion. The rise in the number of car accidents has been almost the main issue of modern, industrialised countries. Although several actions have been taken to mitigate this problem, I believe that there are still some effective measures that could be taken to improve the situation.

In my opinion, a simple solution that could be put forward to reduce accident rates is introducing strict rules for drivers. For example, the figure for permitted speed in various roads and streets of a particular city or town should be decreased to a lower rate in relation to the population of that region and its traffic congestion. Therefore, drivers will have to drive slower and more careful in order to obey the rule, otherwise they will have to pay a great deal of fine for breaking the law. In this way, high speed which is always to blame the main factor of most serious accidents will be taken away from account.

Further measure would be to widen more of the streets and highways of different zones in order to facilitate transmissions and speed conveying services.

Moreover, separating motor vehicles and allocating especial roads and paths to bicycles and motorcycles would be another preventative solution that ensures safer transports between different areas. All in all, people should be aware more of the potential dangers of breaking the law and its critical consequences.

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In fact, they should be encouraged to adopt lawful actions. In conclusion, I would argue that various actions could be taken to tackle several car accidents that are certain to arise throughout the country.

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Posted by: Asal Wednesday, February 13, at You attempted to answer all questions, but some reasons did not well elaborated in the first paragraph. And also there are mistakes in terms of word choices. Unfortunately this site does not offer good toolbar to edit your essay. Posted by: Salamat Friday, February 15, at Hi Salamat, I have emailed attached of the above essay. I really appreciate your comments and notes. Thanks a lot. Posted by: Asal Friday, February 15, at It is true that at present life expectancy is increasing more than ever before.

Although there are some detrimental effects of this phenomenon, governments can mitigate these potential problems. As people live longer and the populations start to age, several consequent problems can be expected. On the one hand there are many people of retirement age; as a result more money should be allocated from the overall budget for their pensions.

Moreover, governments need to spend more money on healthcare, because generally old people are prone to various diseases. A further problem is that at present there are many who prefer to have fewer children, and as a consequence in the future people will face such problems as decreasing levels of productivity as the workforce shrinks. Due to that fact the proportion of young working adults might decrease, government in turn will receive less tax money, which can lead to a greater tax burden for younger generations.

There are a number of suggestions to solve such difficulties. First and foremost, governments could encourage couples to have more children through welfare benefits and the provision of housing along with a sufficient level of healthcare for newborn children and mothers. Furthermore, governments could increase the number of immigrants by giving them better opportunities to receive citizenship and find unemployment. Finally, another way forward might be an increase in the retirement age for working adults, owing to the fact that currently older people live longer and, therefore, are able to work at an older age.

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In conclusion, even though modern society will inevitably face problems with ageing populations, some effective measures might be implemented provided that governments take the leading role and act immediately. Posted by: Makhabbat Thursday, February 21, at Posted by: Ranjit Monday, April 08, at I haven't visited this website for a month.

I am SO glad to hear that I could help you. Posted by: Sarah Monday, April 22, at Dear all, I really appreciate your comments and notes. I would be grateful if any body could check over my essay and inform me with my mistakes: "Studying the English language in an English-speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn language. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? You should write at least words. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task". It can not be denied that studying English as the second language is an enduring and exhausting process.

English learners have to try their best to approach and find own their effective ways of learning. It is widely agreed that an English-speaking country is the most ideal environment to make language acquisition. However, it is not the sole path to perfect the language.

First of all, studying English at countries where English is the primary language usually brings many academic benefits for learners. Actually, English learners can easily get the opportunity to practice four basic skills with native speakers all day long and it has also an opportunity to practise it with the right pronunciation, voice, speed, intonation and ect.

The second reason of studying the English language in an English-speaking country will make english learners know much about the native culture, as well as the education here is update and progressive knowledge. Language is the origin of real life. Each language has own special features and regulations in forming and developing the variety of language streamline.

As a result, English learners use english more effectively in the both normal life and specialized work.

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The last reason that studying the English language in an English-speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn language is that there are opportunities to practise listening to and speaking with native foreigners through the Internet. Internet nowadays is really a magical and useful tool to let students interact with native speakers as if students are being beside. Students can find send their homeworks via email, make a face-to-face conversation via skype,…. Surely they can learn English well in any countries if enough motivative and patient. In conclusion, it is a good idea to study English in an English-speaking country.

However, I believe that there are many other effective strategies for learning English which are useful enough. Posted by: Ruby Saturday, November 02, at Hi,,, Please Can you help me writing about this easy : some student in university feeling badly because they didn't have friendly.