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It is necessary to understand that unemployment represents a part of the population of the country consisting of people who have reached the working age, are unemployed and are in search of work during a given period of Rampell time. Mass unemployment during the economic crisis of was a real catastrophe for the American people. According to the contracts of the Department of Labor, the unemployment in September was 9.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U. Department of Labor regularly publishes data on the scale of unemployment according to the state and industry in the United States.

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The U. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not take into account those who are not able to find a full-time job or are forced to engage in low-skilled work. It is also known that employment centers and labor fairs work better in Washington state and Virginia which has contributed to the lower unemployment rate.

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The whole list of cities in the United States with the highest rate of unemployment can be represented as follows:. Yuma, Arizona November unemployment rate — November unemployment rate — November unemployment rate — 9. November unemployment rate — 8. During the recession, unemployment covers all sectors of the economy and services in the U. The largest dismissal of the state occurred in such industries as manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, the least dismissal happened in the agriculture, in the mining and oil and gas Rampell industry.

At the same time, the highest unemployment rate that was recorded among the U. In the United States, there is a high level of unemployment at the age of , which is associated with the differentiation of admission to Rampell work. This discrimination over the age drives people into a chronic stagnant form of unemployment and leads to a de-qualification.

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The number of unemployed men was almost two million more than women. The number of unemployed men was 7. In February , the level of unemployed women in the United States was approximately 5. In the active labor market, a relatively large number of people for one reason or another fall into the ranks of the unemployed during the year. However, the duration of such periods in the United States is short.

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The United States of America holds the first place in the world regarding the number of jobs created annually. The plan is a combination of two methods: large-scale budget investments in the economy and reduction of the taxes. The United States concentrated on the task of improving the structure of working places for people. In this paper, the socio-economic nature of unemployment was analyzed, and the characteristics of unemployment in the U. While studying the problem of unemployment in the United States, the reason for the sharp increase in the unemployment rate in was identified. It related to the decline in production and structural transformation in the economy as a result of the crisis phenomena.

It should be noted that the policy to combat unemployment in the United States is quite effective because it is able not only to reduce unemployment to a normal level but also to ensure sustainable economic growth. Aaronson, Daniel and Scott A.

The education system is one of the major causes of unemployment in Saudi Arabia.

Accessed 30 Aug. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rampell, Catherine.

This unemployment essay has been posted for educational purposes only. We hope that our unemployment essay example and writing tips will be helpful for you. Our proficient writers have vast experience in composing academic papers on various topics. Economic conditions are the main factor in unemployment.

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The economic crash caused unemployment to rise dramatically, and the same has been true of every economic slump throughout history. An economic crash causes businesses to fold and posts to disappear. Once a company fails to pay its employees it has no choice but to let them go. Sometimes, it reduces its size in waves of redundancies or it simply shuts down.

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New technology also has an impact. As conventional tasks become more automated and more convenient, some employees find their posts obsolete. With no reason to continue paying them, they lose their jobs as the job simply disappears. Workers fought against the introduction of threshing machines which would make many traditional jobs disappear. In the 21st century, the main threats are robotics and increasingly intelligent computers. Professional filing systems which require teams of people to maintain are now on a single computer server controlled by a single person.

This is the form of unemployment which happens during prosperous times when companies can afford to invest in new technologies.

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  4. Increasing populations often lead to unemployment at a slower rate. The numbers of unemployed have increased over the past few decades as the population has accelerated. To an extent, the increasing demand for goods and trade balances out the population increase, but businesses often fail to deal with the short-term consequences.