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At the age of 7, I entered a new phase of erudition when I joined a primary school.

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Again this was an altogether new and unparalleled experience for me. As a primary school student, I was taken to a new level of knowledge in learning English. During my primary classes 1 and 2, I remember writing short simple texts such as stories and poems. I truly enjoyed the experience of this challenging task of rewriting and creating the story in my own words.

Another interesting challenge in this story writing task was that the number of words required was limited to only.

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This made me test my mental faculties and write a compelling and believable story within the limited words. These were certainly the best formative years in my learning of the English language. Upon completing my primary school education, I joined the secondary school at the age of It is imperative to mention that at the secondary school and during my form 1, 2 and 3, I had learnt how to ask and answer questions.

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In addition, I had also learnt to read a variety of different texts. Moreover, I remember when I was in 4th grade, my teacher taught us English with mock spelling tests. So I always memorized various new words and their spellings. This habit inculcated by my teacher in 4th continued for the future too.

Furthermore, at a later stage, I began learning fundamental concepts and rules of English grammar. As I moved up to primary classes, 3, 4 and 6, I learnt how to use interesting expressions to write short stories and poems persuasively.

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Apart from this, I was also exposed to learning higher rules of grammar that are more advanced than the ones in primary classes 1 and 2. I must mention that my English reading and speaking skills were tested during this time. Moreover, I found that this level of education in English language helped me to improve my reading as well as analytical skills for answering questions.


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I could see myself growing with confidence in replying to questions in English. With this level of education in English, I was progressing with my interpersonal skills too.

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My parents and teachers instilled in me the habit of reading a lot of books. As a result of reading more books, I was able to enhance my vocabulary with each passing day. Furthermore, I was inculcating and developing different writing skills such as articles, composition, dialogue and summaries.

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