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In some cases, "poisoning" is said to be overly distracted by certain fun things such as cookies and poisoning of mysterious books, but by watching TV programs they consume them in some way You may. The adverse effects of life and making them feel empty have never been realized.

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It provides a temporary relief of reality that people occasionally need, but it can also be a destructive force. Marie Winn advocated a convincing argument that watching too many electric televisions became most family lifestyles. Today, watching TV is very common, so life without television is often considered extremely deprived. Televisions are everywhere, such as hospitals, car dealers, dental clinics, etc.

There is a TV in the waiting room. This is a useful tool to eliminate tedious waiting time.

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Of course, there are other magazines around the table that people have other things to do, but people are more interested in what they see at the Jerry Springer show. He spends most of his time in unproductive experience of TV.

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He thinks that he should do others but he cannot read, play games or chat with his friends. Fourthly, the habit of television distorts the sense of time which is the most precious in the modern world, it weakens human relationship.

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A TV addict has no time to communicate with others. To him, all the others aspects of life lose their charm before TV viewing. Lastly, the worst curse of TV viewing is that is does not satisfy the viewer. It increases the thirst for TV viewing and does not provide any true nourishment.

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Hence, a TV addict finds that he cannot stop watching TV. We may conclude the essay saying that the writer has advised the viewers to cheek their habit of. Excessively watching the TV, otherwise they will become its addicts like the drug or alcoholic addicts with the passage of time. It will ruin their personality and social relationships.

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They can, however, watch the TV programs For the sake of amusement, but not at the cost of other activities and experiences of life. Do you agree with Marie Winn that excess TV watching is a problem of the same magnitude as an addiction? Reformed drug abuses, these days, are taught to avoid places where they might feel tempted.

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Few families would be willing to get rid of their television, what methods cam parents or individuals adopt to prevent or lessen TV addiction? Ans: TV addition is a serious problem which has adverse effects. However, no one of us would like to completely get rid of the TV watching. We can adopt a few such methods as may prevent or lessen TV addiction which are as under.

Say our morning prayers in time and go out for a walk.

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In this way, we will certainly feel ourselves inclined to go to bed early. This will help overcome the habit of excessive TV watching and make us healthy, wealthy and wise. They should not allow them to watch it till late at night. It will definitely make our mind fresh and improve our health. It will enhance our relations and lessen excess TV viewing. These are never-failing friends and stand by us thought thick and thin.

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Reading habit will provide us the true nourishment and prevent TV addiction. Q-1 do you agree with Marie Winn that excess TV watching is a problem of the same magnitude as an addiction? Is Marie Winn justified in saying that excess TV viewing is something like an addiction? Ans : G.

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  8. What do you understand by addiction and its nature? What is the meaning of addiction according to Marie Winn? Ans: G. What are the effects of TV addiction? Discuss in the light of this essay. Labels: TV Addiction.