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This literature based review will analyse the effectiveness of using the death penalty, whether it acts as a deterrent against crime or simply violates the rights to human life. With 98 countries that have abolished the death penalty, life imprisonment has been imposed as a replacement.

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This project will compare and contrast the imprisonment of an individual for a life sentence, including sentence length and the natural life of an individual against the use of death penalty The death penalty is unconstitutional because the court could not carry out a fair judgement for the defendant and it is highly due to their race or the race of the victim that the defendant murdered. When black people were considered as property to the whites and through the times of lynching to Jim Crow Law to segregation even after black people were freed from slavery until now Strong Essays words 5 pages Preview.

Not just accidentally killed. Is this acceptable. I say no, this is an intolerable number. Those members of society who are responsible for these heinous crimes should be brought to justice; the death penalty is one solution to this problem. This controversial topic questions if it is right to execute a person for a crime committed or if it is wrong. He made the point that the death penalty is good, in order to conclude that murderers should be punish with this penalty.

In this article, Koch gives his supports to the idea to convict a murderer with death penalty by using a tone of objectiveness, shooting for the individuals who opposes his position to be the audience, and have a written form of conviction for the Carlos had maintained his innocence from the day he was arrested until the day he was executed.

Hernandez had a proven history of stabbing and cutting women and even his family members that were interviewed identified the murder weapon as a knife that Hernandez was known to have carried Strong Essays words 1. Criminals have become a part of our daily lives. Eliminating crime and criminals is our duty, and we cannot ignore it. Getting the rightly accused to a just punishment is very important.

Essay on Capital Punishment - An Appropriate Form of Punishment

Some criminals commit a crime because they have no other option to survive, but some do it for fun. I do not advocate death penalty for everybody. A person, who stole bread from a grocery store, definitely does not deserve death penalty. However, a serial killer, who kills people for fun or for his personal gain, definitely deserves death penalty The death penalty has both supporters and non-supporters.

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The death penalty is justified in certain cases such as McVeigh Vs State of Indiana; however, it is unjustified in other cases, including Bloodsworth Vs State of Maryland. With the increase in vicious crimes today, the government must act just as harsh with our justice system to try and prevent these types of crimes This issue is always fraught with emotions characterized by themes that have changed over the past hundreds of years. Various discussions on the death penalty have considered certain aspects of this capital punishment, drawing views from both sides of extremists.

For example, people have argued about whether or not death penalty prevents crime, whether it is humane for states to execute their people or whether this form of punishment is worth the cost It has not led to reduced crime rates. Contrary to popular belief, the death penalty has not done as much for society as its advocates tout. From the outset, the death penalty seems like a rather fantastic idea, and the answer to our problem. Scaring some sense into the perpetrator by threatening to kill them in-turn for their misdeeds may seem cogent, but studies prove otherwise Term Papers words 5.

These are some of the crimes punshiable by the death penalty. Instead of putting the criminal in jail for a lifetime, you kill him. For what. Do we have a right as human beings to decide whether to take another human beings life. What makes the state so pure that it has the right to take a life. Looking at the record of government throughout history, so often operating with deception, cruelty and greed, so often becoming masters of the citizens they are supposed to serve qtd.

The death penalty was first established in the Eighteenth century where in a person can be killed for doing 25 different crimes Death Penalty Information Center but even then the death penalty was still considered a problem among the people Since childhood, we have been taught this indisputable truth. Ask yourself, then, what is capital punishment. In its simplest form, capital punishment is defined as one person taking the life of another.

Coincidentally, that is the definition of murder. And all of those crimes were capital crimes by English colonists and became in capital crimes in the American lands. However, in present days death penalty is considered to be applied only to those criminals that have committed grave crimes Banner The death penalty is a punishment enforced by the U. The death penalty was first created in Eighteenth Century B.

Over the centuries the crimes for someone to receive the death penalty increased.

Death Penalty Essay: What Is It All About? Short Overview from OZessay

This punishment is too easy of a punishment for someone that committed a serious crime such as murder, treason, drug trafficking, attack on a government official and many more In a horrific month killing spree, Shawcross took 11 more lives. That is 11 innocent people who would be alive today had justice been served Pataki, Deterrent 2.

With the topic of the death penalty comes a lot of controversy which is rooted from questions like: is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment, is it helpful in crime control, is proper representation applied to these cases, and should reform be applied in the areas of crimes punishable and methods Lethal injection, firing squad, and the electric chair are the preferred methods.

The death penalty has been such a controversial topic since it was reinstituted in Lethal Injections: Cruel and Unusual Punishment? Interchangeably known as capital punishment, death penalty legalizes the authorization to sentence the execution of a criminal. Controversy that rise from death penalty involve the notion of ethics and epistemology. Another factor is that what exactly determines whether a person deserves execution or not Better Essays words 6. Debated for decades, the death penalty continues to be a prominent topic for discussion across the United States.

In , the moratorium against the death penalty imposed by the Supreme Court in Furman vs. Georgia was lifted and the use of lethal injection was adopted by many states. Each state has its own laws and regulations with regard to the death penalty including the methodology for the actual execution as well as when it can be imposed One ethical issue that splits society into two groups is the death penalty and accepting culpability.

In the movies Dead Men Walking and Return to Paradise the death penalty is a controversy due to different perspectives. Moreover, there are ethical theories such as utilitarianism and ethical formalism that analyzes both of the movies from its viewpoints. In the movie Dead Men Walking Matthew Poncelet is awaiting his death sentence for the murder of a young couple Out of the 50 states in the United States, 31 of them have the death penalty legalized.


Crimes such as treason, terrorism, espionage, federal murder, large-scale trafficking, and attempting to kill a witness or a court official in some cases result in the death penalty. While not everyone agrees with the death penalty, the death penalty as a form of punishment is not new. Some families of the victims may take years to recover from the tragedy of a lost loved one; some may never recover.

All these families are looking for is closure and with the inmate in prison they are still around.

Along with families getting closure, the death penalty is a form of deterrent for those in prison and those that are not It is used as a punishment for specific serious kind of murder, but in some countries for adultery, rape, treason, drugs, terrorism and other serious types of frauds. The argument of death penalty whether it is effective or not is a contentious issue.

Reasons against execution and capital punishment

There are people who support death penalty, while others wish for the death penalty to be abolished The people are divided between supporting and opposing the death penalty. The supporters would say that it is a deterrent for future crimes. They would also say that taxpayer dollars are not going to pay for the care of these individuals.

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  5. The opposition would say that the cost of the death penalty is actually higher than the cost of a life sentence. They also find that the deterrent argument is debatable. It is a judicially ordered execution of a prisoner for a capital crime. There are many people who oppose the death penalty and then there are many people who support the death penalty. People who are against it think it is inhumane or it is too expensive.

    The people who are for the death penalty feel that it gives a chance for individuals to be accused for their wrongful acts. Each year billions of dollars are spent to sentence criminals to death Good Essays words 3.

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    But whether one is for or against, you can not deny the basic illogic - if we know the system is flawed, if we know there are innocent people on Death Row, then until the system is reformed, should we not abandon the death penalty to protect those who are innocent? These specifically can vary from state to state, but commonly include first-degree murder, murder with special circumstances, rape with additional bodily harm, and the federal crime of treason Death may come by natural causes or by the hands of another human being.

    The death penalty is form of punishment to people, who have committed sadistic crimes such as murder.