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In order to achieve this goal, they come up with an attractive advertisement showing fabricated information which forces people to buy things they do not even need.

Another significant concern about TV commercials is that the companies hire well-known celebrities to endorse their products. This misleads people into believing that their favourite stars also use those products and hence they buy them. Additionally, some of the advertisements especially commercials promoting fast food are aimed at children.

These products are mostly made of ingredients that can have adverse effects on the health of children. Take for example, advertisement for chips.

Effect Of Advertising On Society Essay

When children watch an ad of chips on TV, they force their parents to buy them chips. Eating chips, which is full of salt, oil and monosodium glutamate, can make them lazy and obese. Children, who are usually immature, do not understand the consequences of eating such unhealthy food. Thus it is evident that adverts have damaging effects on children.

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To conclude, I totally agree with the view that adverts are harmful because they mislead consumers with false claims and hire celebrities to endorse their products enhance their sales. Worse still, sometimes ads target little ones who have no clue about how dangerous these items could be for them.

Do you have an essay on this topic? When you return home and turn on the TV — here it is again, interrupting the most interesting moment in the movie. Many people complain that advertising becomes more and more obtrusive and it even seems to them that they are being manipulated by some ads.

To my mind, this problem is rather exaggerated as a lot of other issues. Everything depends on how you conceive it, which is why I try not to think of anything as a big problem , but rather perceive it as a challenging obstacle I have to overcome.

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Thus, instead of complaining, I consider advertising to be a friend of mine , which helps me to entertain while I go to work or somewhere else; helps me to find some necessary information; makes me laugh at some unprofessional and ridiculous designs; urges me to think what better variant I could propose for the given kind of service myself. And there are plenty of other positive moments which can be derived from advertising.

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Essay about Effects of Advertising on School Children

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