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Still, there are loads of those who criticize the movement and express the concern of its scopes. Feminism is a historical, political and social movement of women who spoke for political, economic, social, and personal equality between sexes.

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Only because of feminism, women can vote, go outside not accompanied with men, visit bars and cafes without a convoy of men, study at schools and universities, wear whatever they want and work wherever they want. Nowadays, feminism is dealing with issues like street harassment, workplace harassment, campus sexual assault , etc.

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Thousands of women face these problems daily. Issues like sexual assault and harassment ruin their lives, careers, and personal relationships — no need to mention the damage to mental and physical health. This is exactly why the topic of feminism is not only up-to-date but also worthy of examining and highlighting.

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The topic of feminism is quite broad and covers a lot of aspects to discover and write about. Thus, it may be difficult to come up with what to write about. Here are some ideas on feminism movement , covering general questions:.

However, the phenomenon of feminism is dynamic and agile, and it is constantly changing, expanding, and broadening. Thus if you need to write a research paper, it is better to take a narrow separate question and work on it. Here are a couple of ideas for a research paper which may be of great interest for you to examine:. As the movement is quite continuous, it already has a huge history ; you may find that interesting.

On the other hand, feminism is still developing and facing loads of issues every day. Here are truly curious topics for your work.

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This reconnection of feminism and pacifism reveals its long reach and requires an investment of political resources. The struggle for sexual and reproductive rights is and will be one of the great concerns of feminism thesis of this century. Formulated from the origins of suffragists, socialists and anarchists is key today when the right to abortion recedes in various parts of the world and in some of them has never been consolidated. Feminism also opened the door to the demand for sexual freedom and gave legitimacy to the sexual-affective diversity that is repressed by the neo-fascist emergency.

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  • Equality of rights is the foundational requirement of enlightened feminism and suffragist, but the demand for social justice makes socialist and anarchist feminism have endowed it with greater scope. Feminism is allergic to inequalities.

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    Feminism thesis statements does not admit exploitation or old or new slavery. It is, from its origins, a movement of liberation and emancipation incompatible with the visions of the right, be it neoliberal or neo-fascist. A program to be discussed is to denaturalize, de-privatize and de-commodify care. This last point involves subverting the entire economy to put it at the service of life and not of markets.

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    It gives rise to the alternatives of the Feminist Economy in the direction of a Solidarity Economy. It is imperative to clarify the territory of the thesis on feminism disagreements that invite sororicidal and promote sorority because being a woman today is still the reason why we are murdered and raped even though some have their social, geopolitical and ethno position.

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    • Essay: Feminism in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.
    • We have never been content with just interpreting the world; feminists have always wanted to transform it. Ecofeminism, a rich vein of theoretical analysis and activism often connected with the pacifist current, cannot be disregarded today given that its approaches are more necessary than ever in the context of a global ecological crisis and a breakthrough of the destruction of the planet.

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      Their contributions reinforce the lines of the consensus thesis about feminism agenda focused on non-violence, sexual and reproductive freedom, egalitarianism and the need for an ethic and a policy of planetary care that includes non-human animals and ecosystems. The incorporation of political feminist thesis in the hard core of the left is inexcusable. This process of putting political, social and economic equality at the center must be parallel to the critique of the sexist and heterosexist bias of institutions.

      The deconstruction of hegemonic masculinity is a task in which progressive men need to engage and, to do so, they must object to their modes of sociability and subjectivities.

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      We have never been satisfied with just interpreting the world; feminists have always wanted to transform it. We now live a dangerous moment, if the advance of the extreme right is consolidated, the backsliding of human rights will be inevitable. It is time to call for a generalized mobilization and to pursue the alliance with all the social movements that strive to achieve a scenario of non-violence and the disappearance of inequalities.