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Movies were made for a teenage market. Promoted black rhythm and blues artists in preference to white, pop-influenced 'cover' artists. In the Payola scandal of the late s, Alan Freed was accused of accepting bribes to play records. Along with many other promoters of original recordings, Freed was ruined and rock'n'roll in America suffered enormously.

Copied the beat pattern and performing antics of Louis Jordan.

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Disguised the sexually explicit lyrics of rhythm and blues, making them acceptable to white audiences. Toured England in Howlin' Wolf, B. King, Junior Parker This became the first major success for both Elvis and Sun. Slapping acoustic bass, twanging lead guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar are characteristic. The combination of country blues acoustic and urban blues electrified is often called Chicago blues.

Leonard Chess employed many expert musicians and, together with his own sonic expertise, created Chess's distinctively different, rock and roll sound. The Rolling Stones , the Yardbirds and other British blues-revival bands recorded at Chess in the mids in order to getChess's much-sought-after sound.

Set an early standard for song-writing and rock-guitar style. Goode', 'Sweet Little Sixteen'. Influenced by pianist Johnnie Johnson and guitarists CharlieChristian, T-Bone Walker and MuddyWaters, Chuck Berry developed a style which was characterised by incisive guitar riffs and clear, rhythmically-supportive vocals.

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Born , Macon, Georgia. Learned to sing and play piano at an early age in church. Little Richard's gospel-influenced vocal, energetic boogie-woogie piano style, outrageous dress sense and flamboyant attitude made him a rock'n'roll icon and inspired artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Singer, songwriter, guitarist Learned to play fiddle, guitar, banjo and piano. Killed in a plane crash in A pioneer in the use of a solid-body electric guitar,Buddy Holly also developed a unique hiccupping vocal delivery which, together with the band's relentless tom-tom drumming, created a fresh and appealing musical style.

Developed a characteristic pounding left-hand piano style with showy right-hand glissandi. His exciting performance style and 'pumping piano' sound was the epitome of early rock 'n' roll. Lewis married his year-old third cousin Myra without divorcing his first wife, an undertaking which effectively ended his career.

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Essay Instructions : In recent years there has been as abundance of excellent documentary filmmaking about the world of popular music. Watch a pop music documentary and write a 2 page double spaced review. Tell me about the personalities of the musicians involved, the pressure of the music industry, what the film teaches about music in society, or any other ideas that reflect on the issues we have discussed in class.

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    How The Beatles ended up writing "I Wanna Be Your Man" for The Rolling Stones

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    Yeah, it was weird because at the time I broke my back and I had surgery and I had a disc that was broken and tangled up in the largest nerve in my body. I got all addicted to painkillers at that time. I was also dealing with coming out of a really big band. It was a rebirth of who I was, and [my] identity, and insecurities and all that kind of stuff. I learned a hell of a lot about myself at the time. But creating Angels and Airwaves and having that issue in my life, at the time, allowed me to hyper-focus and really go deeply into what I was creating.

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    What I want is to bring back a lot of those atmospherics and soaring landscapes. And we are doing that. The big crescendo when it builds and all that kind of stuff. The fans needed a minute.

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    This next one is going to be very similar in the sound and the landscape. I think everyone will like where this ends up. When do you think the Angels album will come out? I co-wrote a movie and it goes into production in just a few weeks.