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Newcomers are concerned with adapting to a new lifestyle and more in-depth study. In the meantime, if you are an international student, you probably have much more to go through. While the main aim of higher education is to help a person prepare for a future profession, certain subjects and topics will hardly ever be useful. As a result, you might get stressed and overwhelmed with numerous assignments, coursework, research papers, and critical reviews, which leads to lower marks. What to do if you happen to write papers about deforestation, empowerment, principles of economics and poverty, and the problem of women rights simultaneously?

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Apart from this, you will find other rules that respect human and customer rights and freedoms, including:. These and other aspects help us do our best during all the stages, from the moment of ordering until the delivery of custom non-plagiarized essays. Later in the 17th century the word Plagiary, which is a derivative of the Latin word plagiarius was introduced in English to identify someone accused of literary theft.

So, what is plagiarism all about and how to overcome such unethical acts? With the help of proper guidance and advanced technology can we avoid it? What is Plagiarism? In simple terms, it is the act of stealing the ideas or information of another person. Plagiarism is the act of claiming content as your own with or without the consent of the other person.

It also involves using content in your own work and not crediting the original author. All material, whether published or unpublished, in manuscript, printed or in electronic form is covered under the definition of plagiarism. Source Just like stealing, the act of plagiarism is considered to be a serious crime. It has severe penal implications like suspension, heavy penalties, or even expulsion from work or school. Can images, music, and videos be plagiarized?

The first thought that comes to the mind when reading about plagiarism is that it is associated with copied content. It includes images, videos or any work of music. This means that if any image, video, or music that has been produced by a person and is used without permission or citation is an act of plagiarism.

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Most people unknowingly use content in this manner which leads to plagiarism issues. The following acts are considered to be plagiarism — Copying media from other sources to use it in your own website, especially images.

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Taking footage from other videos that are copyright protected to make your own video, especially music or soundtrack. Playing the music of another person that is copyrighted. Source Some of these copyright issues can be challenging to prove whether actually the copyright provisions have been violated, or not. For example, Recording audio or video where there is copyrighted content present in the background. Recreating visual work in the same or different medium such as photograph with the same subject matter or composition, creating a painting work that resembles that of another painter.

Altering or remixing copyrighted video, audio or images without proper permission of the original developer.

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While the legal implications depend on the context and integrity with which they are used, it is better to avoid facing such situations altogether. What are the various forms of plagiarism? The one thing in common with all types of plagiarism is that the writer does not cite the original source correctly.

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They claim the entire content to be their own work. However, the act of plagiarism can be grouped into various forms. The most common ones among them are — Source A Verbatim quotation without proper acknowledgment Whenever a quotation is used in a text it should be done within an indentation or quotation marks, and with full reference to the source cited.

A reader should be able to make out which parts are the independent work of the author and which parts are borrowed. B Paraphrasing This is the act of rephrasing the text of another person in your own words. It is the most common type of plagiarism in academic research papers and journalism. However, the tag of plagiarism can be avoided if the source is properly cited for.

Paraphrasing becomes an act of plagiarism when key points from different sources are collected and rewritten in your own words as if they were your own thoughts and ideas. If you want to take ideas from various sources and use it in your own work then you need to abide by the rules of paraphrasing. C Direct Plagiarism When you copy text from a source and paste it into your own essay or academic paper without providing any quotation or citation for such information.

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If the majority of the text is the same it is also considered plagiarism even if you change certain words and phrases of the text. D Incorrect Citation Citing a source from where information has been collected is not enough unless it has been properly cited. You can either quote, summarize or paraphrase the original source. So, whether you are using the Chicago style or APA style or any other citation style, make sure that you follow all the guidelines properly.

E Citing a source that is non-existent You might find it difficult to find an appropriate source to back up your research paper or essay but never make up a non-existent source or include inaccurate information. This will result in misleading the readers who will think that your research or theory is backed by a source. F Mosaic Plagiarism Also sometimes referred to as incremental plagiarism or patchwork plagiarism, is known to have similarities with paraphrasing.

It is when pieces of information from different sources are cut and pasted together to create new content. This includes rewording different sources of information while keeping the structure of the original content intact. Struggling to complete a custom writing service with many professional custom writing company uses the custom essay plagiarism. Based on the process of work, make yourself do homework prove that because they are always clear; however, you need help students at affordable prices from helpfulpapers.

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