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By making divorces faster and easier to obtain, we are reducing the incidence of adultery, both during a marriage and during the course of the divorce proceedings. The proposition would allow people to make the break more easily, rather than living a deceitful double life. The debate is not about mere sexual gratification, but about a deeper, life-long commitment.

By making divorce easier you are devaluing marriage, thus actually encouraging adultery by reducing the stress on marriage as an institution. The oppositions argument is a spurious one, as nowadays we regard a promise not as something unchanging and absolute, but as an expression of commitment for the time and the circumstances it was made.

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To punish people for a vow they made fully intending to keep, when they no longer love their partner, is heartless and cruel. Divorces are still undesirable, both financially eg. It is never something one would ever enter into without proper though and consideration. The proposition will actually increase the number of failed marriages, as people will enter into marriage lightly and without proper consideration, knowing they can always obtain a divorce if things do not work out.

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Psychologically scientific studies have found that co-habitation does not lend itself to as much psychological stability for a child. Regardless of the level of commitment between a couple, society still recognises marriage as an institution where most stability is gained. This is not to discredit single parent families or divorced parents, but to acknowledge the institute of marriage as the ideal outcome of a loving relationship and desire for a family. It is fallacious to presume that marriage as an institution is what provides a stable home environment for a child.

What is most important is the relationship between the two parents and their attitudes and relationships individually and together with the child. This is completely uncorrelated with marriage. The heartache, pain, stress and psychological disturbance of a child when their parents break up is not due to the breakdown of marriage but the breakdown of a relationship.

Marriage statistics themselves show that 1 out of 3 marriages are re-marriages.

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Just because some marriages may fail does not mean that we should give up on an ideal. We are frequently disillusioned by the criminal justice system when it fails, but this does not mean we do not aspire to the principles it upholds in society. The same can be said for marriage. It is unreasonable to expect couples to stay together for a lifetime in this day and age. There is more social pressure than ever before to be happy - and this outweighs the necessity to make a marriage work regardless. Society has long accepted that life partners need not be for life anymore. If people want to be together, surely they will.

If a couple doesn't want to be together, why should their pain be drawn out unnecessarily by the formal bond of matrimony? Marriage is still important in society as a rational view of what a loving committed relationship actually is: if love is so transient in society it is important to have a foundation to hold couples together to realise that friendship, support, trust and commitment are more important.

Relationship counsellors discovered that boredom, and taking your partner for granted were the most common manifestation of marital disputes, and often the constraints of marriage as opposed to co-habitation may cause either partner to feel trapped, thus compounding their problems. Legally, marriage represents a more solid and protected base for both parties. In addition to protecting against inheritance disputes, loss of belongings etc.

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Co-habitation is far more practical, and avoids lengthy, painful, and expensive legal proceedings in the event of a relationship breakdown. The only thing that marriage gains is a socially recognised sense of emotional stability, and divorce rates are indicative of the fact that if a relationship is set to fail, the institution of marriage itself will not save it. Marriage as a religious institution still retains its validity in a country whose main state religion is Christianity.

For atheists, marriage need not represent religious bonding, but may still be a socially recognised approval and public avowal of love and commitment. The primary focus of marriage is religious in nature to many people. In the current declining popularity of religion in Britain, such an institution is simply not representative of the majority beliefs.

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British society is too diverse now to have a moral consensus that goes beyond small groups. Topic 5: Mass media Essay Questions on Mass Media "Censorship is a means of defence against unwholesome values and is therefore justifiable. Does the mass media help or undermine the appreciation of the Arts?

Why are so many heroes drawn from the world of entertainment and sport? Should the Internet be controlled? Is the "Information Superhighway" something to excite or alarm? What is the Internet's distinctive role in the field of human communication and information transfer? To what extent is freedom of speech desirable? Topic 6: Arts.

Do you agree that the primary purpose of the Arts — whether music, painting, drama or literature is to entertain? Dec Which of the artistic talents would you most like to possess and why? June Consider the importance of drama in your country today. You may refer to live theatre, television and radio plays or any combination of these.

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Refer to specific examples from painting, music or literature to support your answer. Why is knowledge of the arts still necessary in this age of technology? How can an appreciation of the arts be cultivated? Is advertising an art form?

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To what extent do you think the cinema mirrors life? Topic 7: Religion Are religious beliefs irrational or rational? Have they done more harm than good? There is no evidence that God exists. Reported miracles, healings etc. Belief in God is simply wish-fulfilment. There is good evidence that God exists and there are good arguments for accepting religious beliefs. The fact that we live in a beautiful, orderly universe in which human beings exist and have special moral and spiritual awareness points clearly to the existence of a divine Creator behind the universe.

Billions of people have had religious experiences of one sort or another - all of them revealing the existence of divine reality - the only good explanation of this fact is that the divine reality is really there. The world is full of suffering and pain among innocent people.

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If God is good and all-powerful then why is this the case? Either God does not exist or he is nor worth believing in since he does not care about human suffering. Most suffering and pain can be accounted for by the free will that humans exercise; God made us free and we use that freedom for evil as well as for good. Modern science has shown religious belief to be wrong. From Galileo to Darwin to the modern day, scientists have continually uncovered the true natural mechanisms behind the creation and evolution of the universe. There are no gaps left for God to act in - science has revealed a closed natural order governed by natural laws. There is, therefore, no reason to believe in life after death - one of the main tenets of religious belief. This is an inaccurate caricature of the relationship between science and religion.

In fact most of the great scientists of history have been religious believers, and the more we learn about the physical world e.

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The fact that there is a physical side to reality does not, in any case, mean that there cannot also be a spiritual dimension. Nor does the fact that the mind and brain are closely correlated mean that they are the same thing. Religions through the ages, and still today, have been agents of repression, sexism, elitism, homophobia, and - most of all - conflict, war, and racial hatred. Whatever small amount of psychological comfort religious belief may give, the evils it is responsible for in the social and political worlds easily outweigh it.

Religion may have been the occasion for various social and political wrongs, but it is not the cause. Equally elitism and bigotry are, sadly, parts of human nature with or without religion.