How can you write an argumentative essay

The best place to find these is in your textbook. In these books you are going to find more than enough research material. You can also find a lot of very good information on the reference section of a Wikipedia article that covers the subject you are investigating. It is a very good idea to take notes on what you read and write down the publishing information of each source you took notes on.

These notes will come in handy when you make bibliography. Sit down with a pen and paper and jot down every single word or phrase that comes into mind until your brain stops talking. After finishing, you will see a lot of coherent thoughts and ideas written on the paper, which can be used in your writing. Before start working, you must create an outline for your project.

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Think of an outline at the foundation and frame of a home. Without these things the house will collapse, as will your essay. The basic outline of a five page essay looks like the following:.

Finding Ideas to Write About

Write down this argumentative essay structure on a piece of paper, and under each section introduction, arguments, refutations, conclusion scribble down what you want to say in each section. You can borrow the material you wrote from your pre-writing to do this. All you have to do now is drive your attack home by dedicating time throughout the day to completing the task of composing a text.

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  4. Our advice is not to wait until the last minute to start; doing this will make your work look hurried, resulting in your professor thinking you to be a low-quality writer. Instead, work a little bit every day until you are done. Another thing to do well is learn how to transition between paragraphs. Learning which words and phrases to use in order to properly connect your paragraphs together will greatly improve your writing.

    The Best Way to Create a Powerful Argumentative Essay Outline

    Also, take into consideration readers who may not be as familiar with the subject as you are. Always write so that they can understand the material in your essay. Once you are done, proofread the paper, scanning it for grammatical and spelling errors, as well as any logical fallacies you might find. The idea is to give readers both arguments and counterarguments for them to see the issue from another perspective. Argumentative essays are about covering two sides of the coin topic. It encourages the audience to read your essay and participate in further discussion.

    The idea is not to convince readers of your side though it would be great! First and foremost, try to choose an argumentative essay topic that inspires you and can give you enough materials to research. If your chosen topic is interesting but hard to support with credible resources, your argumentative essay will hardly perform well.

    So, do research and check if you can find enough information for your essay in the following resources:. Choose argumentative essay topics that would provide you with such an opportunity. For your argumentative essay to succeed, its topic needs to be polemical rather than expository. Consider spheres like politics, gender issues, climate changes, debates in education, culture, animal rights, or religion. Feel free to use any of these topics for argumentative essays.

    Here goes the list of argumentative essay topics for you to consider, by subjects you might have in your educational institution. Tutorials and guides are many, but who can tell about argumentative essay writing better than a teacher?

    Steps for Writing an Argumentation Essay

    Check the video with a complete argumentative essay example, where a teacher reveals all the details. Her speaks about choosing a topic, outlining, writing each paragraph of your essay, and combining its all elements into an A-worthy college paper. And last but not least, here you can find alternative college essay topics for your essay, think about the most controversial topics, and understand the process of argumentative essay writing inside out.

    After all, essay topics are never enough, right? Your email address will not be published.

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    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing where you present arguments on both sides of a topic. As an author, you can present those sides equally or choose one and present it more forcefully than the other.

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