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A qualification provides evidence of achievement and enables students to progress to the next stage in their lives. It should represent a standard that has currency with universities and employers and remains consistent over time. This means that the grading standards must reflect the same level of student performance from one exam series to the next.

The new GCSEs are harder but the grades remain the same

This is the approach OxfordAQA takes to ensure our international qualifications maintain their value and currency and equip students to succeed in the future. In the case of international British curriculum qualifications, the standard of performance at each grade should be comparable to the GCSEs and A-levels currently taken in England. There are several factors that contribute to the overall standard of a qualification. For example, the level of demand in the content of the syllabus and the structure of the assessments will affect student performance.

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Our globally-relevant syllabus content is closely aligned to the UK curriculum and our assessments emphasise the higher-order skills that are the foundation of the new UK exams. They have not. Examined reading in GCSE is restrictive.

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The ABs reassure teachers and candidates that the exam papers will be predictable each year by rubric repetition of the same questions, in the same order, with the same mark tariff, on three texts selected for reading. This is not an incentive to rigorous cognitive development: formulaic questioning leads to formulaic answering. This requires research of a topic using five independently found sources containing conflicting data and interpretations to write an original article, selecting, scrutinising, evaluating, and extrapolating from their sources.

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Topics Exams. Currently, it is only available for Mathematics and offered by the exam board Edexcel , who renewed their specification in for assessment in June and beyond [1]. They are assessed completely by external examinations. According to EducationGuardian. Only Given the fact that only the top students in the country sat these examinations, these results indicate that the AEAs were successful at rewarding only the students that were most able in a particular subject. It was possible to obtain an AEA distinction in more than one subject; however given the rarity of AEA distinctions, this was uncommon.

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