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Of the natives that Columbus shipped to Spain as slaves, about died on the trip. Half of the rest were very sick when they arrived. This was the first time people had ever been shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to be sold as slaves. Columbus made another voyage in On his third voyage, Columbus wanted to find this continent. Before the voyage, Queen Isabella reminded Columbus that he should treat all of the native people well and make them into Christians. On this voyage, Columbus sent three ships straight to the West Indies the Caribbean.

He led another three ships: first to two Portuguese islands, then to the Canary Islands , then Cape Verde. He also explored part of South America and the islands now called Tobago and Grenada. On August 19, , Columbus returned to Hispaniola. He found that many of the Spanish settlers there were unhappy. They thought there would be more gold in the New World. Some of them had rebelled while he was gone. Columbus had five of the rebellion's leaders hanged. He also tried to make the rest of the settlers happy by giving them land in Hispaniola. However, the settlers kept sending complaints to Spain.

She gave him the power to do whatever he thought he should do. When he arrived in , the first thing he did was to have Columbus arrested and sent back to Spain in chains. When he was trying to make Spanish settlers happy, Columbus started the Encomienda system in Hispaniola. Under this system, Columbus would give a piece of land in Hispaniola to an individual Spanish settler.

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Sometimes, he would give away a whole native village. Any natives that lived in that area had to work for that Spanish settler. Natives had lived on this land for centuries. Columbus was giving their land away, and then forcing them to work on that land.

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He was sent to Spain in chains in October He was released on December 12, , and taken to court. Luckily, Columbus had important friends, like Dukes , other noblemen , and powerful Italian merchants. These friendships helped him get out of trouble. Columbus died of heart failure and arthritis in Valladolid , Spain, at the possible age of Columbus's relatives said that Columbus was born in Genoa , Italy. Today, no historian can say for sure where Columbus was born.

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Most experts think the best evidence says he was born in Genoa. However, other historians think Columbus was born somewhere else, like Spain or Portugal. Some think he was originally a Jew who converted to Christianity. In , Columbus married Felipa Moniz Perestrelo. She was from a semi- noble family with connections to sailing. She died around or while giving birth to their son, Diego.

They lived together for a while. They had one child named Fernando. Columbus had a few different goals for his journeys to the New World. First, he believed he could find a shorter and easier route to Asia, which made things Europe did not.

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He believed he could find a shorter route to China. Other people had called this belief absurd. Columbus wanted to prove these people wrong.

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Second, Columbus wanted to find gold. Gold was the main kind of money used in Columbus's times. Many historians believe that Columbus wanted to become a powerful person — and in order to become powerful, he needed to find gold. When the Spanish learned about the New World , many conquistadors , or conquerors, went there. They grabbed as much gold as they could. The Spanish also brought priests and forced the Native Americans to convert to Christianity. The World's Columbian Exposition , which happened in in Chicago , Illinois , was held to celebrate the th anniversary of Columbus visiting the Americas.

Toscanelli's notions of the geography of the Atlantic Ocean shown superimposed on a modern map , which directly influenced Columbus's plans. Columbus awes the Jamaican natives by predicting the lunar eclipse of Tomb in Seville Cathedral. The remains are borne by kings of Castile , Leon , Aragon and Navarre.

Columbus monument near the state capitol in Denver , Colorado.

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Christopher Columbus facts for kids Kids Encyclopedia Facts. Painting of Columbus landing in the New World. Columbus offers his services to the King of Portugal ; Chodowiecki, 17th c. Columbus before the Queen , as imagined by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, First voyage. Modern place names in black, Columbus's place names in blue. All content from Kiddle encyclopedia articles including the article images and facts can be freely used under Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless stated otherwise. Cite this article:.

His parents were Susanna and Domenico Columbus. His father was a weaver by trade. When he was older, he got his wish and became a sailor. Then, in , when Columbus was twenty-five, the ships that he was sailing with were attacked by French Pirates. His ship sank, and he swam to the nearest shore, which was the coast of Portugal. When he was well, he moved in with his brother Bartholomew in Portugal and, together, they ran a small shop that sold maps for sailors.

The couple had a son named Diego. The only sea route that had ever been used took a long time since they had to sail east around Africa. That is why Columbus wanted to sail to the west to try and reach the Indies. Since no one knew how big the Earth was, he argued that you could reach the Indies quickly by sailing to the west. However, when he went to the King of Portugal to tell him his idea and get money for a voyage, Columbus was denied.

xn--90aeccc3bhhfl0anb8f.xn--p1ai/includes/tumeh-acheter-azithromycine-vs.php He then went and asked the kings of France, England, and Spain for help. Then, in , the king and queen of Spain agreed to help him. They gave him three ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. He and his crew set sail in August in search of the Indies. However, in October his crew sighted land. Columbus claimed that they had reached the Indies, though, in reality, it was an island off the coast of Florida , which he named San Salvador. Since Columbus thought that he was in the Indies, he called the locals Indians, though he had actually found the New World.

The reason that Columbus is considered as the first European to discover America is because he went back to Spain and told everyone about it. His discovery helped to shape the world we live in today, and so he is remembered.

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However, he was not the first European to set foot in the New World.